With a first name that translates to “Song of Joy,” Israeli comedian Ronen Tverya’s talent for turning everyday life situations and personal experiences into hilarious comedy bits has resonated with audiences across continents.
Ronen burst onto the Israeli comedy scene several years ago, before making his way to the States where his thick Israeli foreign accent and unique experiences as an Israeli travelling across America have taken the public by storm. 
With an undeniable flair for improv and an upbeat stage presence, Ronen is a rare and gifted comedian whose constant interaction with the crowd with his unique brand of personal humor, comes as a breath of fresh air.  
A lover of the beach, sun and sand who try to avoid winter at all costs, Ronen is one comedian who knows how to heat up the room with his off the cuff jokes, improvised bits and ingeniously creative jokes that span the gamut, from awkward dating encounters to the missteps that are bound to occur when doing stand-up in your second language. Constantly laughing about his life experiences, Ronen has a brilliant way of turning his internal observations into innovative material that audiences can easily relate to.
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